Experienced Advisors

Our success owes much to the expertise and experience of the people responsible for the day to day running of the Exchange.

They all have a real understanding of how the industry operates and fully appreciate the challenges facing today’s freight professionals.

So, when you contact us for advice or assistance, you’ll be talking to experienced advisors – people who understand industry issues and can supply the advice and the answers you need.

Advice and Training

Our Account Managers will be happy to help you set up your Exchange account and advise you on how to manage it.

They’ll also advise on the best ways to maximise your membership to ensure you get the best return from it.

We provide online training sessions to get members up to speed with the services, tools and features on the website. Just an hour or two with an expert ensures that you’re able to use the site quickly and efficiently, making full use of the features that will benefit your business most.

For any advice or assistance email us at info@cxnamerica.com or call toll free at 1-888-270-0482 and we’ll get right back to you.

Lyall Creswell CEO of Transport Exchange Group

Lyall Cresswell

Paul Walton CX North America General Manager

Paul Walton
General Manager

Simon Bunegar Head of Marketing & Business Development at Transport Exchange Group

Simon Bunegar
Head of Marketing

Aleks Mladenovic CX North America Product Manager

Aleks Mladenovic
Product Manager

Luke Davies CX North America Sales Manager

Luke Davies
Sales Manager

Zemina Calder CX North America Head of HR & Administration

Zemina Calder
Head of HR & Administration

Freight Tracking Software

Tunde Nagy

Daryll Corrie CX North America Sales Team Leader

Daryll Corrie
Sales Team Leader

Rahul Sahota CX North America Project Manager

Rahul Sahota

Sachin Gangwal CX North America Sales Executive

Sachin Gangwal
Sales Executive

Freight Visibility

William Young
Sales Executive

Chad Hazelwood CX North America Product Specialist

Chad Hazelwood
Product Specialist

Adam Awan Haulage Team Leader

Adam Awan
Haulage Team Leader

Almaz Sheehy CX North America Sales Executive

Almaz Sheehy
Sales Executive

Fleet Management Solution

Anthony Lloyd
Product Specialist

Faisal Rasouli CX North America Office Services Manager

Faisal Rasouli
Office Services Manager

Daniel Downer CX North America Partner Relationship Manager

Daniel Downer
Partner Relationship Manager

Fleet Management Solution

Khilna Shah
Customer Engagement Executive

Channelle Frederick CX North America Account Manager

Channelle Frederick
Account Manager

Freight Tracking Software

Seinab Kalif
Account Manager

Janaya Anselm-Gideon CX North America Customer Service Executive

Janaya Anselm-Gideon
Customer Service Executive

Nathan Fenton Digital Media at Transport Exchange Group

Nathan Fenton
Digital Marketing

Lewis Rayner CX North America Administration Supervisor

Lewis Rayner
Administration Supervisor