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Manage your shipments efficiently and communicate freely with your dispatcher while maintaining real-time visibility without having to make a single Check Call. CX North America is a tried and tested software platform for the transportation and logistics industry. We help our members to dramatically improve their efficiency, grow their business and forge long-term professional relationships.

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Eliminate Check Calls

Tired of having to do Check Calls every 20 mins or every hour? Don’t make another check call again with our Automated Alerts feature.

Fleet Management Solution

Future Availability

Minimize your empty running miles. Stay ahead by setting up planned future vehicle locations, availability and capacity updates on your maps.

Fleet Management Solution

Communicate Freely

Whether you need to clarify an order or communicate details directly with your dispatcher, our built-in instant messenger will allow you to chat directly.

Freight Tracking Software

Transfer Electronic PODs

Keeping track of your PODs can get overwhelming. Reduce the amount of paperwork traveling with you by digitizing your PODs and documents.

Freight Visibility