3 Tips for Truck Drivers to Help with Going Green


One of the biggest buzzwords in today’s society seems to be “Going Green”. But even though as individuals we know the importance of being more environmentally friendly, we often look at the issue as though we couldn’t make a difference – it’s more the responsibility of big companies to take the charge. Even individual employees can make a difference, especially in an industry like freight and transport.

The trucking industry faces more challenges than most when it comes to environmental scrutiny as it is one of the larger contributors to the consumption of fossil fuels and a producer of greenhouse gases. Most trucking and shipping companies are pushing for a shift over to become more environmentally friendly, but there is also a lot that the drivers can be doing with their own rigs to help with going green.

1.) Reduce your speed. Although Truck drivers want to make sure that they are making appropriate time on their shipments, it is important that they try to optimize their speed/fuel consumption ratio. By just reducing their speed by even 5 km/h they can save a huge amount of fuel – also lowering shipment costs and being better for the environment.
2.) Limit engine idle time. For a lot of truckers, their truck doubles as their mobile home when they’re on the road. This often leads to additional idle time to help charge devices and heat / cool the truck, which wastes an exorbitant amount of fuel. By using the trucks auxiliary units or truck stop plugins truck drivers can cut down on the amount of fuel used by idling engines.
3.) Take care of your truck. If you help keep your truck in new condition, it can greatly help with its environmental footprint. Having newer oil, monitor tire pressure, and even adding additional aerodynamic panels to the truck can help with reducing fuel consumption.

Truck drivers in the shipping industry must drive incredibly long distances across North America to make their deliveries, and although it may not be the best for the environment, it is necessary for the economy. Although these changes may seem small, if implemented they can have a great positive impact due to the sheer amount of trucks on the road and the distance being travelled. Sustainable trucking practices don’t have to include massive changes to have massive results.


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