What Can Freight Tracking Management do for You?


Freight tracking management can play an integral part for anyone who is in the shipping industry. From carrier companies to shipment brokers, warehouse managers and drivers – everyone has something to gain by introducing a freight tracking solution into their supply chain process. It can help make the entire process more efficient, while still allowing greater data collection and oversight.

For carriers, having the added freight visibility that tracking management programs provide is extremely useful. It allows you to track all of your shipments simultaneously in real-time. This means you can get to-the-second updates on where each shipment is. With this information, you can keep your clients better informed on delivery times, which is going to keep them much happier as an added service you are providing them.

In today’s shipping industry, it is no longer acceptable for brokers and 3pls to not be using freight visibility technology in their business operations. The automated alerts and additional information that you can provide to your clients is needed to stay ahead of your competitors. Freight tracking management systems can also give you detailed reports on driver history, allowing you to have a better idea over which of your drivers are being the most efficient with their time and have the best record for staying on time with their shipments. Again this is something that adds value to your service to the end client, which is what is really going to help your business thrive.

In terms of how freight management helps the drivers, it is all about automation. A lot of the small yet tedious tasks can be automated with freight management, which means your drivers don’t have to waste their time with manual reports and driver logs. All of these can be done electronically through an ELD (electronic logging device) that is integrated with the software platform.

Overall, freight tracking solutions provide support for all sections of the shipping industry. They play a pivotal role in the supply chain process and allow companies to run at a higher level of efficiency, saving them money while being an added service for end clients.


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