CEO Lyall Cresswell on the Launch of CX North America in Canada

Lyall Cresswell, the CEO of CX North America, Inc. attended a press conference on February 9, 2017 in Tecumseh, ON, Canada, where he announced the location of the new headquarters for North America.

Lyall Cresswell, president and CEO of CX North America, CX Euro and Transport Exchange Group, explains, “Our goal is to empower organizations, whether a single-truck firm or a company with a fleet of thousands, to maximize efficiency and effectiveness and thereby grow their business and revenue. CX North America gives firms the ability to keep track of their freight, drivers and partner carriers in real time from first customer contact to proof of delivery – and achieve the highest return possible from their business assets. Our tools also help maximize fuel usage and decrease carbon emissions through the strategic use of resources.”

Cresswell continues, “CX North America brings ‘smart collaboration’ to the forefront and allows companies to transcend their limitations of scale. With CX North America, a company with 50 vehicles has the capability to deliver the same levels of service and coverage as a company with 1,000 vehicles. Our no-risk solutions can be implemented quickly without the need for major infrastructure investments and extensive integration. This level of agility is a critical competitive tool in today’s fast-changing landscape.”

About CX North America

CX North America Information Services Inc. (CX North America), headquartered in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transport Exchange Group, a leading provider of technology for the transportation industry and operator of two of the United Kingdom’s largest and fastest-growing independent freight exchanges. CX North Americabrings Transport Exchange Group’s proven technology and business model to the North American marketplace to enhance visibility, increase agility, optimize efficiency and improve communication and collaboration for carriers, brokers and 3PLs. We offer users a number of ways to engage with our products and services, depending on the technology they already have in place. For more information, please visit our website at, call 1-312-448-6028 or email us at [email protected].

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