CX North America Adds Replay Technology to Its Freight Visibility Solutions


Functionality Delivers Intelligent Data for Best Practice Identification and Dispute Resolution

 TECUMSEH, Ontario Sept. 28, 2017 CX North America Information Services Inc. (CX North America), a leader in freight collaboration and communication solutions for the transportation industry, announced today that it has developed and incorporated new functionality, known as Replay, within its suite of freight management solutions. Replay is an advanced tracking feature that captures drivers’ traveled miles from job initiation to completion, along with vehicle speeds, locations, key event times (including arrivals and departures) and more. The recorded information can easily be downloaded into an electronic file for emailing or printing, as circumstances dictate.

DIFOT (Delivered In-Full, On-Time), or OTIF (On-Time In-Full), is an important differentiator in today’s freight delivery industry, and customers closely monitor provider adherence to established schedules. Replay supports a company’s ability to offer excellent customer service – and consistently meet its time commitments – by capturing drivers’ experience and, through comparison, identifying optimal driver practices and routes, especially for recurring destinations. And, should a customer dispute arise regarding driver arrival times, Replay’s intelligent data capture allows the carrier to easily produce tangible evidence for that delivery or every delivery, as required.

CX North America’s freight visibility technology, available as a SaaS solution and mobile apps (CX North America Driver Mobile App and Freight Vision Mobile App), brings better visibility, agility, efficiency, collaboration and control to the freight management industry. The solutions allow a single view of a carrier’s network, whether in house or partner assets, on any desktop or mobile device. And now, with Replay incorporated within the SaaS solution and the Freight Vision Mobile App, 3PLs, carriers, shippers and more have yet another valuable tool at their disposal to increase efficiency, control and customer satisfaction.

Simon Bunegar, senior vice president of marketing, CX North America, says, “CX North America solutions are developed by transportation professionals who know the industry well and are ever-vigilant for opportunities to bring enhanced technology to the customers and partners we serve. When we identify a new feature that will have measurable customer benefit, such as the Border Crossing alert or Replay, we don’t hesitate to develop the underlying software and implement it within our freight management software. We have built a reputation on knowing what transportation professionals need and leading the field with innovation.”

About CX North America

CX North America Information Services Inc. (CX North America), headquartered in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transport Exchange Group, a leading provider of freight management technology for the transportation industry and operator of two of the United Kingdom’s largest and fastest-growing independent freight exchanges. CX North America brings Transport Exchange Group’s proven technology and business model to the North American marketplace to enhance visibility, increase agility, optimize efficiency and improve communication and collaboration for carriers, brokers and 3PLs. We offer users a number of ways to engage with our products and services, depending on the technology they already have in place. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


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