Why is Fleet Management Technology so important for Carriers?


To some, the idea of using digital tracking technology to manage their shipping fleet may seem like overkill and be wholly unnecessary. The truth is though, by having an integrated freight management system you can consolidate your shipment data collection all into one user interface that can be accessed from any device – desktop to smartphone. This gives you much more insight over your shipments and fleet that you can use in both helping your business succeed by providing a better shipping solution for you customers.

A fully integrated freight visibility solution can help you keep a close eye on all your shipments at once, and all in real-time. This means that you can consolidate a lot of management work which will give you a significant boost in your shipment process efficiency, saving time and money.

With CX North America’s freight visibility technology you can easily upload all your company vehicles into one monitoring platform. With our solutions, you don’t even need to have all your vehicles outfitted with telematics. We’ve developed our smartphone app that can be used in place of vehicle GPS to transmit shipment data. In addition to making our fleet management platform easy to adopt, we provide live demonstrations so that we can make sure you are using our software to its fullest potential to help your business grow and be more profitable.

The benefits of using an integrated freight management program are what makes it so important for transport companies. By uploading all your individual trucks under one platform, you can increase your overall fleet visibility and management, increase your operation’s efficiency and profitability, and increase the amount of data you can pass on to your customers, which will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. There are increases across the board!


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