How does freight visibility help brokers?


Enhancing freight visibility is something that helps with all aspects of supply chain management. By increasing your power to manage freight in real-time you open up new opportunities to gather new data and information to optimize the delivery process and streamline the shipping chain as a whole. Freight visibility allows businesses in the shipping industry to gather large amounts of real-time data to analyze, and in the data age, this is a huge factor.

Freight brokers play an integral role in the shipment industry and help move billions of dollars of freight every year. With that much cargo being managed, it comes naturally that an increase in fleet visibility and freight management would equate to HUGE annual savings. By optimizing the shipment process through analyzing real-time data, freight brokers can increase their efficiency and profits by a massive margin. Over time, the process can continue becoming more and more efficient through the increased amount of available data, allowing brokers to multiply the benefits gained through freight visibility year over year.

Freight management software, like our Freight Vision app, often bundle together many data collection services, so you can consolidate your freight visibility into a single console, instead of having to login to multiple services. You will most often see data collection like on-demand load location, delivery arrival time, automatic delay or stoppage alerts, and scheduled location & status updates through SMS and/or email.

By turning our freight visibility solution into an app, we also get rid of one of the biggest hurdles for freight brokers – proprietary hardware. You can now have all carriers and drivers that you are managing download the app, and their shipment can then be tracked through that. This means a huge reduction in cost, and it makes it less of a hassle for your drivers so they don’t need to worry about handling and returning a tracking device or stopping to make check calls.

Overall, there are numerous examples of how freight visibility technology can help brokers manage their shipments. An increase in available data helps along the entirety of the supply chain, from brokers & 3PLs, to carriers, and individual drivers.


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