Why Should I Integrate Freight Tracking Software into my TMS?


An integrated transportation management software (or TMS) provides complete freight visibility for carriers, brokers, and any other transportation managers. This type of technology also acts as a cost-saving method by increasing operational efficiency through all sectors of your supply chain.

Transportation providers who use a fully integrated TMS platform also have the ability to give their clientele a much better service. By having complete visibility over all of your shipments you are able to relay more information to your end client, allowing them to make more informed decisions which is going to give them a greater reason to choose your company over a competitors.

One of the key features of integrating freight tracking into your TMS is that it provides complete visibility at the enterprise level – this means that no matter the origin of the shipment, be it flatbed LTL shipment, loaded dry van, reefer or more, you have full tracking ability. Essentially you can easily coordinate multiple shipments from different transport means through one user hub.

As with any integrated software platform, the integrated services begin to feed off of each other, each helping to make the whole system run better. This allows organizations that are using more integrated tech services to begin increasing their client services and operational efficiency at higher rates, leading to a better overall business model. Our integrated freight tracking solutions are able to work seamlessly with existing TMS systems to create a more efficient product as a whole.

In regards to technology in the transport industry, things are only going to get more complex. With the introduction of autonomous vehicles and the like having an integrated freight management solution is crucial for any and all transportation providers. Visibility in all areas of the supply chain operation is becoming one of the leading competitive edges between shipping companies, so to stay on top you need to be using a top-of-the-line integrated TMS system.


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