The Importance of Integrating Freight Management Apps for Your Business

The Importance of Integrating Freight Management Apps for Your Business

The use of technology and smartphones has been integrated so thoroughly into our lives that even the most simple of household items have smartphone-enabled apps to help control them. Some of the most prominent items that come to mind are Nest thermostats and smoke alarms, smart coffee makers, and even starting your car remotely from your phone. It makes sense then that if we are integrating smartphone apps and technology into our personal lives to make these “easy” tasks easier, shouldn’t we do the same with our work lives?

That is the basis behind freight management apps, like our CX Freight Vision. The idea here is that by having services like shipment locations, order details, routes & schedules available at your fingertips it can allow freight managers to run their operations at a much more efficient pace.

Although there are desktop programs that provide the same services, this can be a limited solution as the data is tethered to your office. By integrating a smartphone freight manage solution freight brokers and carriers have access to all of the data they need at any time. This means they can provide a better service to their clients, in a manner that is actually more convenient for themselves – a win-win solution.

While some managers may think that this is overkill, and that having a desktop solution is all that is needed, there are numerous occasions where a competing manager using a freight management app is going to be able to provide their clients with a better service. Imagine a transport truck is in an accident in the middle of the night and its cargo is then delayed, who is providing a better solution to their clients – the freight manager who receives notice when he checks his email in the morning, or the manager who immediately gets a notification and is able to pass the information on to their client right away?

In today’s market, people expect information on demand, so it is important to be able to offer these real-time solutions to clientele. If you haven’t incorporated smartphone freight management apps into your shipping business’ supply chain model, it is time to.


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