How to Optimize Your ROI on Freight Visibility Technology


One of the biggest barriers that most transport business managers face in implementing freight visibility technology into their business model is the cost. Although the costs are generally reasonable, some managers may still see them as unnecessary and fail to see the ROI in the investment. So this raises the question of how to use freight management technology in a way that provides the best ROI.


The first step to getting the best ROI on freight management technology is to use it to help automate tasks and gain efficiencies. Most freight management apps can function as a great communication and organization tool which can automate the delivery of driver’s load details, tracking, digital document uploads, and much more. This means no more wasted time on manual updates from drivers. Instead, everything is done automatically and everyone involved is kept in the communication loop.

Real-Time Problem Solving

Another crucial area where freight management software can be used is in real-time problem-solving. Without freight visibility, if a driver is delayed or mixes up a shipment destination, the shipping manager or broker wouldn’t know until the driver had already reached the wrong location and filed the report. With freight visibility technology, managers can not only see the truck’s location in real-time but can also see the driver’s  projected arrival time at the destination. This means that they can make sure that any delays can be proactively handled before it’s too late.

Predictive Analytics

Supply chain managers need to perfect their logistical process by eliminating any kinks that are causing inefficiencies. Freight visibility technology helps to give these managers the power to keep a closer eye on the process from end-to-end and provide hard data to analyze and find the root causes of these imperfections in their supply chain. Once these causes can be found, they are often quite easy to fix.

The main idea behind increasing ROI on freight visibility and supply chain management technology is to increase overall business efficiency and improve customer satisfaction by dealing with small issues before they escalate into bigger issues. Supply chain logistics is a huge concept to wrap your head around, so by integrating management technology, shippers, brokers and carriers can reduce the frequency and severity of any issue or mishap that may appear in their operations process.

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