Shipment Tracking Software: Manage Everything


When you’re managing your fleets and coordinating freights and deliveries, it can be hard to keep track of everything. With cargos, departure times, expected arrivals, preferred routes and more, there is so much going on that without a helping hand it can be overwhelming. In the past, shipping managers would use an entire toolbox of organizational tricks and strategies – now though, they can rely on comprehensive shipment tracking software to help them manage everything.

Shipment tracking software has come a long way over the past few years. With the integration of smart devices, shipment tracking has gone beyond just GPS tracking and has evolved into complete shipment monitoring. Now, from one platform you can keep track of your entire fleets’ whereabouts, what they are shipping and who they are shipping for, what time they left when they are expected to arrive and can get alerts for any hiccups that might occur on the shipment route.

With the ability to consolidate all of these management tools in one outlet, it is no wonder all shipping carriers and freight brokers are outfitting their organizations with this software. Shipment tracking software and freight visibility apps have become a necessity for any and every shipping company. Our own apps, like Freight Vision, can help shipping companies increase their operational efficiency while increasing their client services – which is a literal win-win for the company.

Having the ability to manage everything from your fingertips is a dream come true for carriers, brokers, 3pls and everyone in a management position in the shipping world. This technology is now no longer just a want – it is a need. In order to stay competitive in the freight transport industry companies need to utilize freight visibility and tracking technology so that they can provide real-time data to their clients, and use that same data in helping their companies to run at an efficient productive level.


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