It’s Time to Cross the Digital Divide

Original Article: June 28, 2017. Supply Chain Dive (online). “It’s Time to Cross the Digital Divide,” bylined article by Simon Bunegar, as part of Supply Chain Dive. When it comes to service, transportation firms cannot deliver tomorrow what they delivered yesterday. To achieve the next level, they must cross the “digital divide.” The term digital divide has […]

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food logistics logo

Apt Apps for Food Logistics

Original Article: June 15, 2017. Food Logistics (online). “Apt Apps for Food Logistics.” CX North America Driver Mobile App featured in article, including screenshots. Read the full version of the article here.  

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Freight Business Journal

Driverless Trucks Examined

Original Article: June 2017. Freight Business Journal-North America (print/digital). “Driverless Trucks Examined.” Article includes quotes from David Harrison discussing Little Trucks Solutions’ use of CX North America solutions.  

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Snack Food Wholesale Bakery Cover Issue

CX North America Replay Technology

Original Article: March 2017. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery (print/digital). “The Road to Success.” Article featuring multiple quotes from Simon Bunegar. CX North America Information Services Inc. (CX North America) announced that it has developed and incorporated new functionality, known as Replay, within its suite of freight visibility solutions. Replay is an advanced tracking feature that captures drivers’ […]

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Lyall Creswell CEO of Transport Exchange Group

Uber and Freight: Collaborative Partner or Disruptive Competitor?

Original Article: February 17, 2017. Supply & Demand Chain Executive (online). “Uber and Freight: Collaborative Partner or Disruptive Competitor?,” bylined article by Lyall Cresswell. With over 30 million users a month in 425 cities in 72 countries, some would say that Uber is fast changing the face of global road transport. The start-up, which was […]

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Lyall Cresswell CX North America Press Conference in Tecumseh

CEO Lyall Cresswell on the Launch of CX North America in Canada

 Original Video: February 9, 2017. Joe McParkland (online video). “Lyall Cresswell.” News segment (3:17) featuring Lyall Cresswell. Lyall Cresswell, the CEO of CX North America, Inc. attended a press conference on February 9, 2017 in Tecumseh, ON, Canada, where he announced the location of the new headquarters for North America. Lyall Cresswell, president and […]

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