Freight Tracking Software


CX North America offers transport and logistics professionals unparalleled visibility and control for their freight and partner carriers. As a tried and tested software platform for brokers and third party logistics companies we help our clients businesses to dramatically improve their efficiency, grow their business and forge long-lasting business relationships more

24/7 Visibility

Increase profits and keep your business ahead of the competition by having access to our real time freight and partner carrier visibility tools.

Freight Tracking Software

Advanced Notifications

Brokers and their clients alike can stay informed via automated emails triggered by tracked location and user defined status updates. Increase transparency and keep your supply chain in the loop.

Freight Visibility

Mobile App and Telematics Support

Our unique smartphone application and ‘out-of-the-box’ telematics support offers the ability to stay ‘in the loop’ throughout the job.

Freight Visibility

Rate Your Partner Carriers

We know you strive to maintain highest standards of professionalism amongst your partner carriers. CX North America’s rating system enables you to stay up to date with your partner carrier’s performance and in turn, protect your reputation.

Fleet Management Solution