Emergence of Automation in the Freight Industry

Technology in the freight industry has been making huge progress in the past few years. One of the first pushes of this new wave of technological integration was the emergence of Freight Visibility. Freight Visibility allowed freight brokers and carriers to track their fleet in real time, and provide up to the second accurate data. […]

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How to Optimize Your ROI on Freight Visibility Technology

One of the biggest barriers that most transport business managers face in implementing freight visibility technology into their business model is the cost. Although the costs are generally reasonable, some managers may still see them as unnecessary and fail to see the ROI in the investment. So this raises the question of how to use […]

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CX North America to Exhibit at Cargo Logistics Canada Expo & Conference

CX North America Information Services Inc. (CX North America), a leader in freight collaboration solutions for the transportation industry, announces it will be an exhibitor at Cargo Logistics Canada Expo & Conference, taking place Feb. 6-8, 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC. At booth #534, CX North America experts will be on […]

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Smartphone Tech is Paving the Road for the Future of Trucking

For the trucking industry, staying connected is vital for all aspects of the business. Whether it is a dispatcher staying in contact with their drivers, business managers updating clients, and everywhere in between, maintaining a high-level of contact and coordination is paramount for success. Transport industry businesses need to be utilizing all tools at their […]

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What’s an easy differentiator? – Freight Visibility

Competition in the trucking industry has never been fiercer than it is right now. With the threat of automation looming, and new regulations regarding ELDs and driver logs, transport companies need to be looking for better ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In this regard, some have looked into automating business software and passing […]

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5 Must-Have freight software features in 2018

Using software to help automate your Shipping Business is a necessity in today’s transport industry, but are there beneficial features that your freight management software is missing? From maintaining steady contact with drivers to providing recommended routes and automated ETAs, to general business management, Freight Management Software can help with almost all facets of your […]

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How Can I Improve My Truck Company’s Cash Flow?

With any business, cash flow is one of the most important factors in keeping your doors open. Without sufficient cash flow, you can’t pay bills, run payroll, or even keep your lights on. Without a positive cash flow, companies would be shut down in a very short amount of time. Maximizing cash flow is something […]

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Uberization of Freight Transportation Spawns Trucking Industry Changes

According to American Trucking Associations (ATA), trucks move almost 70 percent of U.S. freight each year. At the same time, the average annual gross revenue from freight trucking exceeds $700 billion. While these figures are impressive, hidden within them is a disturbing fact: The U.S. trucking industry spends some $16 billion a year – or […]

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Platooning & The Future of The Trucking Technology

The concept of truck platooning is steadily gaining traction in the transportation industry. With researchers, developers and industry experts projecting benefits such as increased fuel efficiency, decreased highway congestion and enhanced road safety, many companies are eager to explore the potential of platooning. Combined with the rise in automation technology, platooning practices could also mitigate […]

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How Will Autonomous Trucks Influence the Future of Transportation?

As trucking transportation continues its accelerated growth in North America, we see new technologies rapidly arising to address industry demand for fuel-efficient, cost-effective and safety-conscious practices. While some of these technologies only exist in theoretical terms, many of the building blocks for self-driving trucks are already in place, proving that autonomous driving systems may be […]

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