Why is Fleet Management Technology so important for Carriers?

To some, the idea of using digital tracking technology to manage their shipping fleet may seem like overkill and be wholly unnecessary. The truth is though, by having an integrated freight management system you can consolidate your shipment data collection all into one user interface that can be accessed from any device – desktop to […]

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How does freight visibility help brokers?

Enhancing freight visibility is something that helps with all aspects of supply chain management. By increasing your power to manage freight in real-time you open up new opportunities to gather new data and information to optimize the delivery process and streamline the shipping chain as a whole. Freight visibility allows businesses in the shipping industry […]

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How does ELD Integrations & Freight Visibility work together?

In the trucking industry, ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device. It is a device that is used for recording a driver and shipment’s Record of Duty Status(RoDS). What this does is replace the need for outdated operations such as paper logbooks that are currently used by some drivers and shipment companies. With ELDs they can […]

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How Load Matching Can Minimize Air Pollution

The North American trucking industry moves more than 230 billion tons of freight each year. And, with the EPA reporting 26 percent of U.S. greenhouse gases being caused by transportation, it’s hard to ignore the impact of trucking on the environment, namely on air quality. One way trucking companies can minimize air pollution is through […]

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How does real-time load tracking solutions work?

Our Freight Vision app and our other fleet tracking solutions provide freight tracking in real-time. This means that you are getting your information on a by-the-second basis with constant updates.  This makes it incredibly useful for businesses in the transportation industry to help manage their supply chain distribution and keep track of all of their shipments. […]

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Why is a Freight Visibility Platform essential for today’s transport industry?

One for the biggest issues that has faced transportation companies and enterprise supply chain executives over the past few years is how to capitalize on modern technology.  A large percentage of transportation companies are still using outdated systems and processes which can slowly bleed money for companies through inefficiencies in both time and resource management. […]

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Will Drones be taking over the Freight Industry?

Drones are one of the biggest tech crazes as of late. From drone races to aerial photography and videography, drones have been adding a new dynamic element to a lot of industries that has been mostly heralded with applause and even awe. The shipping industry has had a lot of speculations made about its future; […]

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How Freight Visibility Can Help Your Company

In today’s business world, technology is used to advancing not only our productivity but also our knowledge of how businesses are run and where we can find improvements. In regards to our businesses, we analyze everything we can - from our inventory systems, CRMs, to website traffic analytics. If you have the ability to keep [...] Read full article

CX North America’s Launch of Freight Vision

CX North America is proud to announce Freight Vision – our app for the Freight Visibility market. With Freight Vision you’ll be able to search for and track all of your shipments, and much more. You can check your trucks’ geographic locations, see if your shipments are on time, running behind or late and also […]

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Join Us At ExpediteExpo 2017

CX North America to attend the ExpediteExpo 2017! This July 14-15, you can find CX North America at the ExpediteExpo 2017 in Lexington, KY. At this year’s Expo, we will be providing a unique lounge-style experience for our guests. Drop by our booth for a demonstration of our new end-to-end real-time freight visibility solution, FreightVision. For […]

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